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Income Solutions

During your employment years you have accumulated assets. You may own hard assets such as a house, a vehicle, perhaps a cottage, rental property and so on.   You may have an employer-sponsored pension plan, personal savings in an RRSP or a non-registered account.  You may have a tax-free savings account.   When you retire, you may be entitled to receive government pension benefits such as the Canada Pension Plan and Old Age Security.   

During your working years you are said to be in the accumulation phase of wealth creation, followed by a consolidation-of-assets phase, in the later years of employment.

On the day of your retirement, you enter the de-accumulation phase.  This is when you begin to create your own paycheque from the assets you have at hand.   Your employment paycheque ends and your retirement paycheque starts.  You create an income from your accumulated assets, to support your chosen life style.   You create an income stream that is hopefully guaranteed for the rest of your life.

Tax Savings Opportunities

Canada has a graduated -income tax system.   Tax-savings opportunities in retirement may be possible through careful planning.    Income splitting and tax-efficient investing are two common strategies to conserve your assets over the long term.

Pension-Like Income

Not everyone has a company pension plan.  But, there are income solutions to create a pension-like income.   Utilizing your current assets and savings we may be able to help you achieve a tax-efficient income solution that will provide guaranteed income for the rest of your life.
Our diagnostic tools are designed to determine the level of income your current assets will provide.  The software will generate various scenarios to help you come to a decision.  We’ll help you create the most efficient income available to you.

Cash flow strategies and net-worth management are all aimed at creating the best retirement income for your needs.

Peace of Mind

Creating a reliable stream of income in retirement will give you peace of mind.   It will enable you to get out there and enjoy your retirement without worrying about your financial future.

We can help you plan an income strategy that works best for you.


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