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Annuities may be the best retirement product to create fixed income in retirement.  Like defined benefit pensions, they provide guaranteed income for as long as you live.  Annuities are ideal for those who do not have an employer pension plan, or some other pension plan to provide fixed income for life.

Those who are relying solely on a portfolio of stocks and bonds for retirement income, are exposed to the risk of a market downturn.  When markets are down, your withdrawal strategy may be compromised.   Future income may be placed at risk.   By adding an annuity to the mix, you may be able to mitigate some of the risk and the anxiety and stress that goes with it. 

Offering a fixed consistent income for life

Annuities are designed to offer a fixed consistent income for life.  Covering your basic costs with a fixed-income strategy such as annuities is like creating your own guaranteed paycheque for the rest of your life.  

Access the best annuities rates & options

Annuities are offered through insurance companies.   We have access to the best rates and options to suit your needs.   We are happy to run quotes for our clients to find the best fit to meet your needs.

Are annuities right for me?

While annuities have many attractive features, they are not for everyone.  If you have amassed a large nest-egg,  with no chance of ever running out of money, annuities are probably not for you.   Annuities make little sense for those with an ample employer pension plan.   Important to note also, If you are in poor health, annuities are not for you.  The real benefits of an annuity come from living a longer than average life.

Let us work with you to determine if annuities are right for you.

Let us work with you to determine if annuities are right for you.


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